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Corset Lacing Guard, Modesty Panel, Lacing Protector




*Comes standard on "T" style corsets only. This optional accessory cannot be added to "In Stock" corsets. Only new corset orders with product codes beginning with "VO" as they are constructed into the garment by the designer.
Also known as Back Panel, Back Lacing Protector, Back flap, Modesty flap, Lacing flap. This optional accessory is a panel made of matching layered fabric, which is sewn to one side of the corset. It is designed to cover the exposed area between center back panels of the corset. A lacing guard allows the wearer to have matching fabric show through the laces instead of skin. Some prefer this option when wearing a corset as outerwear. For those who have sensitive skin, it also prevents marking, friction, or irritation from the laces or nylon cording. For those who are "softer in the middle", a lacing guard is also helpful in concealing the bulging of skin through laces, that may occur when a corset is laced snugly. Add this item to your cart, after you have selected your corset.

Note: *Please keep in mind that adding a lacing guard is customizing your corset. Once a corset is customized, it cannot be returned.





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