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Steel boned Corsets



Our company proudly offers Authentic Steel boned Corsets only, real corsetry which is not massed produced. Authentic corsets are beautifully hand made garments, individually crafted to the highest standards by skilled corsetieres,

"Authentic" refers to high quality constructed corsets with superior steel boning, busk and binding. Authentic corsets are bona fide, genuine, real, true. Only the finest fabrics, quality materials, and reinforced stitching are used in their construction. Authentic corsets are comprised of layers made up of multiple panels, consisting of quality fabric, lining, and an interlining for comfort and fabric protection. Within their construction includes boning of internal steel stays, steel spirals, and steel busk which is utilized for strength and longevity. In fact many of our steel boned corsets
utilize a spectacular  a new steel product - new technology developed overseas which resulted in some of the strongest and most comfortable steel boning in the market place today. Specifically developed for strength and durability, yet still allowing for comfort in tight lacing and molding easily over the curves of the body.

The exquisite craftsmanship and thorough attention to detail allows for a true quality corset that will hold it's form and give you many years of enjoyment and functionality. We take pride in offering true quality steel boned corsets at the most affordable prices.

Please see some of our most popular steel boned corsets below...

Steel Boned Corset T-212
Steel Boned
Corset T-212
Steel Boned vo-1904u corset
Steel Boned
Corset VO-1904u
Steel Boned vo-1844u corset
Steel Boned
Corset VO-1844u
Steel Boned Corset T-222
Steel Boned
Corset T-222
Steel Boned Corset vo-1905u
Steel Boned
Corset VO-1905u
Corset T-224
Steel Boned
Corset T-224
Steel Boned T-251
Steel Boned
Corset T-251
Steel Boned Corset T-219
Steel Boned
Corset T-219
vo-1106 corset
Steel Boned
Corset VO-1106
Steel Boned Corset T-234
Steel Boned
Corset T-234
Waist training Corset T-144
Steel boned
Corset T-144
Steel boned corset VO-1870u
Steel boned
Corset VO-1870u
Steel Boned Corset
Steel boned
Corset T-130
Steel boned Corset T-174
Steel boned
Corset T-174
Steel boned corset VO-4000u
Steel boned
Corset VO-4000u
Tight lacing corset T-119
Steel boned
Corset T-119
Tight lacing waist train corset
Steel boned
Corset T-158
Steel boned Corset VO-1915u
Steel boned
Corset VO-1915u
Steel boned Corset T-154
Steel boned
Corset T-154
Steel boned Corset T-124
Steel boned
Corset T-124



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