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 Feedback We've Received...  

221. This Review is directed to Both Amy and Kim. These gals are awesome help to me as I crossdress. I order the Vollers 1904u and with the correct measurement end up with a awesome fitting corset! With no hesitation I will go back here time and time again Thank You so much! (corset VO-1904u) 10/21/11 via Testimonial Forum

220. I was looking to order a corset with two weeks to go until my wedding, after looking at the options that were on the 'in stock' page, i did not find one that was going to work for me so started to panic a bit.  I contacted customer service via email regarding a different style that I had seen on the site and assumed was custom. They informed me that this style was actually in stock in my size and would arrive in 5-7 days.  It arrived in about 3 and is worth every penny!  I cant speak highly enough of my experience with Absolute Corsets!  ( corset T-119) Fort Worth, Tx 10/20/11 via Testimonial Forum

219. thank you so much for ur help! i got my corset and im so happy with it im still learninng to sit with it but im geting there and thanks for the extra gifts i love them i will definitely be geting another one :D!( corset T-124) Dallas, Tx 8/28/11 via Email

218. Thank you so much. :) To tell you the truth i have been wanting one of your corsets for three years but this year i got a job and the first thing i wanted was one of the corsets :) I have been only excited waiting for it and now im ecstatic that it is on its way :D! Thank you so much for your help :)! I will email you next time hopeful next year ill get another one.:) (corset T-124) Garland, Tx 7/29/11 via Email

217. Hello again, I just wanted to pass along my excitement! My very first corset arrived today and it is a perfect fit!! I love it, really really love it!! I am crossing my fingers that the remaining items arrive before April 23rd!! I know that delivery is somewhat out of your control, but I am just SO excited to put it all together. Please pass along my thanks - I did not catch the name of the woman I was speaking to, but I am just thrilled with my choice! (corset T-115) -Louise, Ontario, Canada, 4/6/11 via Email

216. I got it and it's truly a beautiful thing!  Gorgeous! I cannot tell you how happy i am with it!  You guys do outstanding work! Thanks for your help. (corset T-251 in Nude silk satin) - M.H., Montrose, CA, 4/4/11 via Email

215. THANK YOU!! I recieved my order today and am SOOOOO very very pleased with the corset :-) almost tempted to go order another one ASAP in different color..Fabulous I will be back and let others know where I got this gorgeous corset from. (corset T-280 in leather) - V.B., Arizona, 4/4/11 via Email

214. I received my custom corset: WOW!! I can not say enough about it. It is just gorgeous, and fits O' so great. Thank you for going extra and making the front lacer, It is just what I needed.Thanks again. (corset VO-1891u made-to-measure) - Ray, Hollywood, CA, 3/16/11 via Email

213. Dear customer service, Just wanted to say that I am absolutely happy with my corset that I ordered and will order more in the future. But in the meantime I am receiving wonderful compliments. Thank you. (corset T-219) - T.L., Bangkok Thailand, 3/10/11 via Email

212. We look forward to receiving the corset and, hopefully, ordering more in the future. This is the second corset we have ordered from you and we love your top quality product. Regards, Pete and Caroline (corset T-277 in Black leather) - Washington, 2/28/11 via Email

211. I love my corset. It is beautiful, well crafted, and fits perfectly. Thank you so much. (corset T-130) - Sarah, Anchorage, Alaska, 2/26/11 via Testimonial Forum

210. Hello. I just received my corset today. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it already! Not only is it gorgeous, but the quality is remarkable. Since I haven't had much time to wear it as of yet, I will update you in the future to let you know how well I get along with it. For now, however, I am thrilled that I decided to invest in your product. Thanks! A sincerely happy customer. (corset T-174) - Kendra, Washington, 2/14/11 via Email

209. I love my new T-169 corset! It fits beatifully, is extremely comfortable and it looks oh so yummy on my male body. I'm next considering an overbust VO-411u or VO-1844u corset with 8 sewn on garters? Based on the information you provided for my last puchase, I'm sure that your information will be most professional and helpful. Thank you in advance. - A.B., Florida, 1/20/11 via Email

208. Dear Absolute, My beautiful corset arrived the evening before last in perfect condition. It’s absolutely gorgeous—even better than I’d hoped or imagined. Worth every penny! The velvet feels SO lush and the craftsmanship is flawless. I’ve managed to get myself into it and, even though it’s not snugly or properly tied, I look pretty damned good in it—even if I do say so myself. This, along with my red & black boots tied with red satin ribbon, and I shall be a feminine tour de force! My boyfriend has made it clear he can’t wait to help with the lacing part as soon as he gets here! (We’ve both had the best time anticipating this—can you tell?) Thank you for the delivery-as-promised as well as your understanding of its importance. Please give my compliments to all who were involved—from design to construction to service. I’m truly happy with my purchase and am already considering which one to buy next! Happy New Year! Regards, Mayo (corset T-251 in Red Velvet w/ blk trim) - Mayo, Maryland, 12/31/10 via Email

207. Thank you so much for helping me with all of my questions, and i will be ordering alot from this company again in the future. Thanks again :D (corset T-124 in Black Dupioni silk) -Paige, Ontario Canada, 12/14/10 via Email

206. I purchased a corset from Absolute Corsets in early October as a rush purchase before a big, last-minute concert tour. I wear a plus sized corset, and usualy have to have my corsets custom made to fit my bust, so when I took this tour, I was worried I couldn't find a costume in time! Not only that, but as a fiddler and dancer, my corsets have to be supportive and flexible at the same time... mission impossible...but you guys pulled off a miracle, and saved me. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the customer service... and the corset. I have been wearing corsets onstage during rigorous dancing and fiddling performances for twelve years, and this is by far my favorite corset. Durable, comfortable, gorgeous and easy to maintain. A simple black satin long-line corset earned tons of compliments. The corset never fails to support and conceal and flatter, and I love how quickly it was broken in. It did not slip onstage during my dancing; not once did I have to adjust things back into place. They took the time to explain each corset in detail since I am blind and can't see pictures on the website. They understood the urgency and worked with me to find an in-stock item that would fit my measurements and meet my stage needs... and shipped it across country to me in time for me to pack. They are saints! I usualy have to have one or two backup corsets when busks break, laces wear out, boning gets bent out of shape... but not once have I had a problem with this corset. Trust me, I abuse corsets, so I'll be buying many more from you, but this first one held up for the whole tour like a champ. I normally don't look forward to making a big purchase and breaking in new corsets, but I am very much looking forward to buying my next corset from Absolute Corsets. Thanks! You helped make this tour a big success, and I'll be a faithful patron from now on... Keep up the excellent work. Merry Christmas! (corset T-222) - S.R.O., California, 12/04/10 via Email

205. I got the corset today, its beyond beautiful. Much better than I expected and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for your help. I think I have a new addiction, I will be buying many more. (corset T-130 in Black Velvet) - Ramona, 11/18/10 via Email

204. Hello, I have gotten the new corset and is great! I have been meaning to email you to let you know, but just been so busy or away that I was not able to before now. I love this corset and it works great and is a nice tight slimming fit. It gives me a great feminine body shape. Thanks. (corset VO-411u made-to-measure, pink satin) - V.S., MA, 8/29/10

203.  I received yesterday my order. Love it. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order. For any further needs I have along these lines I most certainly will turn to your company. Have a great day. (corset T-119) - Tom, MO, 7/21/10 via Email

202. Just a comment...Thank you so much for the corset that your expert people made custom for me. It fits wonderful! I wanted to thank you for the whole experience. You were very considerate and helpful in guiding me toward what I wanted. The workmanship is very nice, quality in every way. (corset VO-1905u made-to-measure) - Dan, FL, 5/19/10 via Email

201. I recieved my corset today, right on time, and I absolutely love it!! I tried it on and you are spot on - I did find myself tempted to pull it too tight. I stopped myself and just toyed with the lacing a bit to get the hang of it, then took it off before too long. I love it! The color is brilliant and the workmanship is lovely. I've shared your website with my girlfriends and hope they take advantage! Thank you so much-what a fantastic birthday gift. (corset VO-1905-02) - Stephanie, Los Angeles, CA, 4/17/10, via Email

200. I have received my T-124 corset and I love it. it fits great and really helps give me a nice hourglass figure. I can not wait to see how it helps my waist training and shape my body. it will also be a great way to measure my weight loss. Thank you for all your help. Thanks, -Vince, 3/21/10 via Email

199. Dear Absolute Corsets, A few years ago I got a lil cheap corset but I knew it wasn’t a good high quality corset. So I started looking around for custom made corsets and most people out there that sell them make corsets for little skinny girls. I have had 2 kids and I work out but I still can’t get rid of the spare tire. Wearing a corset makes me feel good and sexy b/c I don’t have that extra fat showing. Even though I love wearing them I still knew nothing about them and for 3 years now I have been looking for a good high quality corset and I always come back to looking at Absolute Corsets. I see the measurements that are provided in the product detail, and I look at the measuring guide but as far as my measurements and those that go from top to bottom …… no idea. I normally try to figure out things on my own but after 3 years…. Yea it is time to ask for HELP!!! So I found your customer service email address and told them I had no idea what to get or how to measure or even which would be good for me. I told them what I was looking for in an under bust and over bust and Bella emailed me back. She was so informative it wasn’t funny. She even put links in the email of a few that I might like and one of those links was a corset I have been looking at. Thanks to her information, kindness, and prompt response I know without a doubt I made the perfect choice by visiting your website and as soon as I get the money I can feel confident about buying the right one for me. I have worked in customer service for several years and I can tell when somebody is just “trying” to be nice and helpful and I can tell when people are seriously trying to help. Bella was one of the few people in customer service where I could without a doubt she was wanting to be helpful. I could keep going on and on but bottom line you made an excellent choice by hiring her and I hope you never get rid of her. A. Knowles, 3/15/10 via Email

198. Hello, I wish so much that I could Thank You in person with a great big hug! What an awesome product!!! Fit is right on the money and I am also feeling relief on my back. You are awesome for not being judgmental I do appreciate that so much!!!! Thousands of Thank Yous,  PS will be back again, this will not be the last purchase!!! Thanks!!!!! (Corset T-284 in floral silk brocade) - Michael, via Testimonial Forum, 3/12/10

197.  I just wanted to let you know I received my corset today and I am absolutely thrilled with it! It is the exact color I was looking for and it is extremely well-made. Believe me, I will recommend any friends who want corsets to you all. Thanks again! (corset T-115 in Buff Brown leather) - Beth, Alaska, 2/22/10 via email

196. Just so you know...the corset is AMAZING, I love it! Thank you so much. (corset T-169) - D.B., Ohio, 1/24/10 via Email

195. I cannot express my delight with the incredible corset your company has made for me! Furthermore, your interaction with my husband was incredibly warm and cordial. The corset is beautifully made and absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmanship is incredible, and as a functional, everyday corset it is serving its purpose beautifully. Thank you so much for your work, and I will seek your company in any of my future corset needs! (corset T-130) Sincerely, K. Bright, 1/18/10 via Email

194. Hi! I've received both the corset and the waist cincher and have tried them out and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I am so happy. You guys will get good word of mouth from me FOREVER. <3! Delightedly yours. (corset VO-1890u and corset VO-1915u) - T.T. Vancouver BC, Canada, 11/17/09 via Email

193. I WAS A HIT at Fantasy Fest with one of your corsets and if I had your business cards, could have sent you more people. I'm sure my pictures will be all over the internet. All the women (+men LOL) wanted to know where I got such a nice corset...they could see the difference between the cheap "make believe" corsets and mine.....Might go again next year. Even the young girls went crazy over my corset. The guy next to me had a cheap plastic one but wanted to buy one that I had...he loves to dress in women's clothes. hat was great was older women can see what a great corset can do for their shape-guys asked me how could I stay so tiny-they knew I wasn't a spring chicken-it was a big boost for my ego and I'm sure there are men dreaming about me LOL...I have so many stories from those 2 nights! (corset T-209 in Black Satin) - J.H., Florida Keys, 11/05/09 via Email

192. Great! After so much research I'm so glad to have found this site!!! I do alot of online shopping and I am very impressed how fast your replys are and how easy you make it to shop with you. Thank You. (corset T-124 in Black Satin) - MC, West New York, New Jersey, 10/16/09 via Email

191. I am impressed with your excellent service! Thank you for excellent answers and information! It is very easy to recommend absolutecorsets.com to friends. Your customer service is outstanding! (corset A-c225 in White Satin) - A.M., Oslo, Norway, 10/15/09 via Email

190. Got My Corset! It's absolutely lovely. Fit's me good too. If I had known it was going to fit me this good, I would have ordered the exact model in Leather. If I was to re-order one made in black leather, how fast can they make it? Beautiful! A true work of art. (corset T-209 in Black Satin) - Jean, Lamoine, ME, 9/25/09 via Email

189. Hello! I wanted to let you know I got the underbust corset earlier this week, and I absolutely love it (and so does my boyfriend!). It fits like a dream, the fabric is gorgeous and I love that I can use garter straps with it as well (I didn’t actually realize that when I ordered it, so that was a nice surprise). Anyway, just wanted you to know I did receive it and to thank you again for all of your assistance. I see the corset dress has also now shipped, so we’re both anxiously awaiting it’s arrival as well. Take care. (corset T-154 in Purple silk-satin) - A.P., Colorado, 9/17/09 via Email

188. To whom it may concern, I ordered my first corset with your company and I must say- I'm greatly impressed with the level of service I've received from Absolute Corsets. Everything from navigating your site, to ordering, to conversing with your customer service rep, Bella (who has been a joy to do business with) has been so very easy and enjoyable to do. Bella has been so awesome and I really appreciate the e-mail asking for measurement confirmation- that is the first thing that truly impressed me and I am very thankful for being able to put a rush on my order. Anyway, I received my corset today and I am very thrilled with the level of craftsmanship! The fit is perfect, and the sensation is very... womblike and just very comfortable. I adore my new corset and thank you for the awesome FAQ section about putting on and caring for your corset. I just wanted to expression my appreciation for how awesome your company has been to me- I work in hospitality and to me- good service just as important if not more than the product itself. Thank you again! (corset T-251 in Pink Satin w/ White Boning and T rim) - Rachel, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, 7/16/09 via Email

187. I have just received my corset in the mail, and I absolutely LOVE it! It is perfect! Thank you so much for the beautiful corset! I can't wait to wear it on my Halloween wedding day! Thanks!!!!!! (corset T-119 in White Satin w/ Spider web lace overlay) - Lyndsay, York, PA, 4/17/09 via Email

186. I ordered a corset from your site Monday night. It just arrived today, and I am thrilled! It's exactly how it looked on the site, the quality is marvelous, service was prompt and the price was right. Thank you so much! Now that I have a proper corset that fits, I'm thinking of starting to waist train, so you bet I'll be back! I'll definitely be ordering from y'all again! (corset T-130 in White Floral Silk Brocade) - Nora, IL, 4/6/09 via Email

185. I just wanted to say thank you for the corset. I was very hesitant after purchasing it. This was definately an impulse buy. It took a little getting used to, but now it is a permenant part of my wardrobe!! Thank you again to the nice woman who spoke to me. (corset T-130 in Ivory with Gold Silk Brocade) - D.S., Brooklyn, NY, 3/14/09 via Email

184. Hi, I received my corset, the T-130 and I LOVE it. I'm very happy with it and would now like to order an overbust style. I have my heart set on the "Thai" material pattern. Thanks for all your help, I'm definitely a happy customer! - Laurel, United Kingdom, 3/13/09 via Email

183. dear absolute.we want to thank you for the wonderful corsets,we ordered from you! latest in royal-blue. you truely made our nights...thank you so much! yours ! karin and michael p.s. we got to know new pirates...: german customs. :-) (corset T-212 in Blue Iridescent Silk Satin w/ Ruffle trim) - Karin, Germany 2/16/09 via Email

 182. Gosh, you gave such great options! I can't thank you enough for all the help you have provided through this whole process! You set my mind at ease about having first class online customer service, and have truly made this a fun experience! If things don't get too crazy and I remember to do so, I will of course mail a picture of me in my dress wearing my corset on the big day! Again, thank you so much! If I have any further questions, I know I needn't be afraid to ask them. :-) God bless! (corset VO-1905u in White Satin) - Most sincerely,
S.J.E., Lincoln, NE 2/12/09 via E-mail

181. just received my corset today I was impressed how fast it was shipped. When pulling iten out of packaging I was very amazed in the quality and craftmanship in item it looks very proffessional an old fashion made. When I tried it on I was happy to see how easy item was to put on by myself. It made me look very feminine and provacative, slimming be drasticly. I am very greatful I stumble upon your website. I will continue wearing this corset an am very likely to shop hear again for various other styles. thank you for everything!  (corset T-124, Black Satin) - Amanda, Albuquerque, NM, 2/9/09 via Testimonial Forum

180. Received corset. I love it. I'm never taking it off. (corset T-124, Hot Pink Satin) - J.W., N.Y.C, NY 1/15/09 via E-mail

179. I just recieved my new corset today.  I'm SO happy with it!!  it fits like a dream and i can sit down comfortably in it!  My boyfriend loves it too ;)  Thank you so much!  You guys take really good care of your customers.
(corset T-251 in Turquoise Blue with black BBT trim) - Katie, 1/7/09 via Testimonial Forum

178. I received my new overbust corset, and it is as beautiful as my underbust corset I recently purchased from you.  The help you provided on the phone was wonderful.  It helped prevent me from making a sizing mistake.  It is amazing how good I feel in it. Once again, I am extremely satisfied, and as I said before, you have made a customer for life.  Thanks again Absolute Corsets! (corset VO-1905u in black satin) -J.M., Columbus, GA 1/1/09 via Testimonial Forum

177. I received my new corset, and it is gorgeous.  Your instructions were perfect, lacing it was simple, and putting it on was a breeze.  The sizing, based on my measurements, was on the money.  The quality of workmanship is incredible, and the fabric is just beautiful.  The one thing I was not expecting is how it improves my posture when I am wearing it.  I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am.  I will certainly be purchasing others in the future.  You have made a customer for life.  Thank you Absolute Corsets! (corset VO-1870u in ivory satin) -J.M., Columbus, GA 12/22/08 via Testimonial Forum

176. Hi, I received my corset 3 days ago and I already love it. This is my first corset. I'm waist-training and I was surprised that it stayed in place while I slept. It's very comfortable also. Nice construction and fabric. The corset looks as it was depicted on the site...and it's very comfortable to sleep. I'm looking forward to buying my first custom-made- corset with you guys. (corset VO-1915u in baby pink satin) - Stephanie P, San Antonio, TX 12/09/08 via Testimonial Forum

175. Oh hello Absolute Corsets! My daughter’s mint satin corset was perfect. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day! Thanks, Alice (corset V-086cc in mint green satin) - Carlisle, PA 11/25/08 via E-mail

174. We now have the corset, and how beautiful it is! excellent workmanship and design. Thanks very much
Chris (corset V-124fc in Dragons-Red/Black, with Black satin trim) - C.R., United Kingdom 11/05/08 via E-mail

173. I purchased a corset from you a few months ago and am absolutely loving it! Top quality garment, and simply the best “real” corset I have ever seen or tried on. Thank you, regards (corset P-03 in white satin) - M.C., Australia 10/13/08 via E-mail

172. Just wanted to say thanks for my BEAUTIFUL corset!! Despite my self-inflicted delays it got here with plenty of time before my wedding. I am also very pleased at how it looks with my dress. Can't say enough, and although being nervous about using my card online with people I didn't know, it was very easy and I had no problems. The person who handled the sales was extra nice, patient and professional while handling all my decisions. Thanks again! Best wishes. (corset VO-1905u in white satin) - Dawn, Illinois 9/30/08 via E-mail

171. Thank you so much for all of your help. Your hard work and dedication has paid off. I am definitely a satisfied customer. Not only did I receive the corsets, but they are currently in use. I can't thank you enough. Thanks so much again. (corset VO-1905u in white & ivory satin and VO-1904u in baby pink satin) T.F., El Paso, TX 8/20/08 via E-mail

170. I just wanted to confirm that the corset arrived last week. It's beautiful and fits perfectly! Thanks for your excellent service. I'm very pleased with the final product. (corset VO-1119 in Thai silk brocade, made-to-measure). - Lisa, Quebec, Canada 8/11/08 via E-mail

169. Hello, thank you very much. the package was delivered today and the corset is absolutly beautiful. most likely you will receive new orders from her and her colleagues. (corset VO-1891u in Black satin). - Elena, Bucharest Romania 8/8/08 via E-mail

168. I received my order, the fit is perfect and the workmanship is superb! It is a beautiful work of art, thank you! (corset CM-202 in Red Leather) - L.L., Towson, MD 8/2/08 via E-mail

167. Awesome! The corset you sent me is perfect! Thank you so very very much for all of your help! You have the most wonderful customer service I have ever experienced. Take care! In light and love always, Rhonda. (corset VO-1904u in Baby Pink Satin) - Rhonda, Naples, FL 7/22/08

166. Good morning, I received my order yesterday. The corset is magnificent; I would like to thank you all at absolutecorsets for your dedication to offering such beautiful design. Have a nice day. (corset V-2224cg
and Ruffle panty V-215c in Black satin)
- Allain, Saint-Cyr-l'École, France 7/10/08 via E-mail

165. Thanks a lot for your help. The delivery arrived right in time upon our departure to vacation. You won a satisfied customer! (corset V-110c in Red Satin w/ black satin trim) - N.E., Dania Beach, Florida 6/23/08 via E-mail

164. Thank you so much for your prompt responses! It is so nice to do business with people who take a personal interest in their customer service. I have been a frequent visitor to your site for some time now but am a first time buyer. I feel even more convinced now that I made the best decision possible in my corset purchase. Thank you,
Ashley (corset C-1001 in Black Floral brocade) - Ashley, Scottsdale AZ, 6/19/08

163. The victorian corset arrived and it is a winner! Definitely the right size, and works well under the dress! (corset C-1001 in White Floral brocade) D.C., Newport News, VA 4/26/08 via E-mail

162. Hi, I Just want to let you know that the corset turned up today. I would like to thank you very much, firstly for the super quick delivery of the corset, I was amazed at how quickly it got here, so thank you for rushing it through, Secondly, I would like to thank you for the corset it is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased. It fits beautifully and is just so nice. Many Many Many thanks for the beautiful job that you did. Kind Regards Ros. (corset V-102c -Ruffle in Black satin w/ purple trim) - Ros, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 4/10/08 via E-mail

161. Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that we got the first corset, and it fits perfectly. She loves it! The workmanship is also very good, and I look forward to getting the second one. Thank you for the great work! (corset CM-201 cincher in blue denim and C-1001 in Ivory dragon brocade) -Matt, San Marcos, CA 3/11/08 via E-mail

160. I am quite pleased! Fantastic service and I will use you again! (corset accessories) - B.D., Dallas, TX 2/26/08 via E-mail

159. Hey! I just wanted to let you guys know that I did get the corset and I love it! I wore it for the event and got a lot of compliments. Several people asked me where I got it, so I sent them your way. :) Thanks again! (corset v-190cc in Black satin w/ Royal Blue trim) - A.J., East Ridge, TN 2/25/08 via E-mail

158. I just received an "inside-out" underbust corset today, and i couldn't be more pleased. It's comfortable, beautiful and my boyfriend loves it! I'm completely in love with your products. Thank you so much! (corset A-c235 in Candy pink/black ) - Katie 1/29/08 via Feedback Form

157. I just wanted to thank you so much; I received my corset and I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for your prompt responses and your attention. It's really nice to be able to communicate with an actual person who is prompt and helpful when ordering something off of the Internet, especially something different, like a corset. You have made this buying experience quite pleasant and I would like to commend you on your customer service. (corset Ac-420 in White Satin) - Taylor, Randolph, NJ 1/28/08

156. Perfect! Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the personal time you took helping me out with this. I cannot tell you how happy my wife is to be getting a corset that is so beautifully made. (corset VO-1905u in Red/Blk/gold brocade) - David, Redwood City, CA 1/10/08 via E-mail

155. I got my corset today and I LOVE IT - it is the most beautiful thing I've ever worn! I will send you photos soon (I live in Perth and it has been consistantly above 103F for a week...not exactly corset wearing weather!) Many many thanks! (corset 199f in Olive Green butterfly) - Esmeralda, Australia 12/29/07 via E-mail

154. I just wanted to thank you for my gorgeous corset. It was perfect for my wedding ensemble!!!! I got so many compliments on it. I will be emailing you pictures from my wedding so you can see your handiwork in action. I loved working with you guys and I will continue to buy from you plus suggest you to others for future patrons. (corset V-124f in customer's own fabric) L.D., Tacoma, WA 12/18.07 via E-mail

153. I love my corset. Thanks :-) I'm telling everyone about it!! And that they should buy from you guys :-) (corset VO-1915u in Black satin) -Tiffany, Detroit, MI 12/13/07 via E-mail

152. I meant to email you sooner and thank you SO MUCH! This corset is absolutely stunning and fits wonderfully. I'm so grateful for the swag! My deepest appreciation to you again for all that you've done in helping me with this. (corset VO-1115 in Red Devoire) - Mia 11/17/07 via E-mail

151. Just wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived and it was perfect. She said, "It's very well made, fits perfectly, well worth the money, and it's exactly as depicted on the site." She also noted that the seams don't stretch like the cheaper corsets when you tighten them, lol. :) (corset V-086 in Dragons Lime/Gold) - Michael, Fredericksburg, VA 10/29/07 via E-mail

150. I got my corset today. Its absolutely beautiful!!!!! Raves to your company !!!! (corset V-110f in Peony Green/black) - Stacy, Sparks, NV 10/19/07 via E-mail

149. I just wanted to let you know I received my BEAUTIFUL white and gold corset today and I am thrilled with it. It fits beautifully and I am head-over-heels in love with it. It supports me very well and I look forward to wearing it often! When my husband has time to take some pictures I will definitely send you one.  Yes you may add my picture to your page if you feel it fits in with the other girls I would be honored!!! Thanks so much! Sincerely, Lizzie (corset V-130fc in White/Gold Dragons w/ gold trim)  - Oak Forest, IL, 2/9/07 via E-mail

148. I just received my corset today.. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! I love it ...my back loves it! As soon as I can order another I will be back to your site and will be referring anyone who asks. Happy Holidays to you and yours! (corset P-05 in Blue/Silver Cherry blossom silk brocade). - Nancy, Phoenix AZ, 12/23/06 via E-mail

147. Just saying thanks again! My corset is definately the most complimented and talked about piece of a wedding dress amongst my friends and family. It looked amazing. I'm really glad I did it. And such awesome quality and customer service. You guys rock (Here's a picture) http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b326/inkypaws/3a951548.jpg (corset V-2222cm) - Meagan, Illinois, 11/05/06 via Contact Feedback Form

146. Dear Absolutecorsets-People! I ordered the Majesty V 102 Corset 8 weeks ago to Germany. Just wanted to let you know, that this is by far the most comfortable and best looking corset, I ever bought. Thank you very much for the great support throughout the order proceeding. I will recommend you to all of my friends. (corset v102c, light pink satin) Kind regards I.G., Bavaria Germany, 9/28/06 via Contact Feedback Form

145. Subject: Praise. Dear Absolute Corsets I want to let you know that I really love the item I ordered and want another soon, it is soooo much more comfortable than any bra. My back has not felt this GOOD in years. I am very impressed with the fit and quality of this garment, it is worth every cent, and your instructions were indispensable and very easy to use, thanks! (corset VO-1905u in black satin) - Madeleine S., Kansas, 9/15/06 via Contact Feedback Form

144.Quite a cute item! Thanx again for all your help! It has been truly appreciated. Know that all of my friends have been shown your web site and it is my hope that they will order through you! (corset VO-1905u in blue denim) - Janet, Vermilion, Ohio 07/24/06 via E-mail

143. Rating: Excellent, Price Rating:Excellent, Shipping Options Rating:Excellent, Delivery Rating:Excellent, Ease of Purchase Rating:Good, Customer Service Rating:Excellent Comments: Not only was customer service more than helpful, but even after Id asked a thousand questions, they were still patient with me. My corset is well worth the money spent plus some. Thanks so much for making your service available online. Thanks for your speedy checkout/delivery process. (corset VO-1891 in white stripe w/lace) - Sincerely, Mrs. TJ, 7/15/06 via Yahoo! Store Rating form.

142. I got the corset and I'm so so so happy!!! Beautiful work!!! - Nadia, 4/21/06 via E-mail

141. Hi, I got my waist corset today and I think it is going to work! I really appreciate the fact that your company provides solid information about corsets. Thank you for your good service and education. (corset VO-1915u in Ivory Satin) - Rhonda D, Texas 4/27/06 via E-mail

140. I received my corset last week and wanted to let you know that it is BEAUTIFUL and everything I had hoped it would be. I am so pleased with this purchase, as well as the wonderful customer service that you have provided. Thank you so much. (corset made to measureV-110cf) - Rachel, El Paso, Texas 3/25/06 via E-mail

139. Subject: Praise. Hi I just recieved my order today and was very pleased. My order arrived before I expected and fits perfectly. I will be sure to reccomend ordering through your site to all of my friends. You have really exceeded my expectations!! Best Regards Julie E 12/09/05 via Contact Feedback Form

138. My 2nd corset from your company.  Always absolute exquisite detail and quality craftsmanship from the best corset makers in the world! - (corset VO-1844u in Black satin) Amy - Atlanta 11/18/05 via Contact Feedback Form

137.  Subject: Praise. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent services. I recieved my corset at exactly the estimated date. The quality of the corset is amazing, as well as the price for it. Not to mention all the good advice and instructions on your page, and the ones that came with my corset. I am very thankful to have found your page. Thank You! (corset VO-1915u in Baby Pink satin) - Kristen A, California 9/28/05 via Contact Feedback Form

136. Greetings! The corset arrived, and fits like a dream!  Until now, I've never been able to find a corset that does.  It's also very comfortable, even when laced tightly enough to take 4 inches off my waist...which is also something I've never found until now! Thank you!  (corset VO-173 in red satin/black lace) - P.R., Ontario, Canada 7/21/05 via E-mail.

135. Thank You soooooo much! Not only is your customer service marvelous, but your corsets are everything i wanted. i love you.  (corset VO-1905u) - D.M., Arizona 3/27/05 via Testimonial Forum

134. Your customer svc. people are the best! I have dealt with one rep, and she has been quick, attentive, and ready to please. I can't wait to order again, but for now I am jumping out of my skin waiting for this one.  I have a beautiful evening planned for my husband and I when it comes... ;-). (corset P-04 in Dupioni Silk-Green/Pink) - Danielle, New York 3/24/05 via Testimonial Forum

133. I truly appreciate your service and would highly recommend your first-class enterprise to anyone. Sincerely, Melissa.  (corset VO-1905u) - M.H., North Carolina 3/02/05 via E-mail.

132. I am so very happy with the corset.  The immediate improvement in silouette, posture (and consequent reduction in back pain), and clothing fit are marvelous.  I was thrilled with the customer service and delivery time.  While this model is a touch awkward for nursing my nearly weaned toddler, I will certainly consider one of the underbust variations.  The is my first corset, but certainly not my last. (corset VO-1925u) - LKMC, Irving, Texas 2/3/05 via Testimonial Forum

131. I just recieved my first corset the other day. I'm extremely pleased with what I have recieved. Not only am I impressed with the excellent quality and beauty of the one I received, but my customer service experience was incredible. I know that when it comes time again for me to order another I will be coming back to your site. And am also recommending your site to everyone I know. (corset VO-1905u) - Lindsey, Saskatchewan Canada 12/22/04 via Testimonial Forum

130. hello!! I just received the exchanged corset ... and I am in love with it.  It is beautiful...  I am sure you have heard this before. But this is my first corset ever... I am 44 years old... and never imagined how gorgeous this could be!!! I am so excited.  I am already looking to buy my second corset soon!!!  Thank you so much.  I am 100% pleased with the entire process.  I have still yet a lot to learn, but in time I am sure that I will become a pro. (corset VO-1905u) - L.T., Orlando, FL 12/13/04 via E-mail

129. Thank you - you're a great company with a fantastic product.  Who knew you could give this boyish figure a womanly shape?  It's a whole new life for this mid-40s lady! Smiles. (corset VO-1905u) - T.P., Tennessee 12/8/04 via E-mail 

128. Greetings and salutations!  I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the gorgeous corset I received.  I was unsure that it was going to be delivered on time since it was custom, but true to your word, it was delivered overnight, reaching my doorstep the day before the wedding!  The bride was estatic!  Thank you very much again, and you know I'll be ordering from you in the future! (corset P-02) - Ansylene, Pittsburgh, PA 7/19/04 via Testimonial Forum

127. Subject: Praise. Yea!!! Thank you so much for the timely service! I love your products and I look forward to doing business again with you in the future. Thanks again, (corset VO-1905u) - Sarah C, 5/26/04 via Contact Feedback Form

126. Rating: Excellent, Price Rating: Excellent, Shipping Options Rating: Excellent, Delivery Rating: Excellent, Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent, Customer Service Rating: Excellent (corset VO-1890) - Corrie Beth, Westland MI 5/18/2004 via Yahoo Customer Feedback

125. You are the best!!! I have 8 girlfriends who are all getting married within the next year and I will make sure they all get their corsets from you! Thank you...thank you! (corset A- c420) - Emily, NYC, NY 5/5/04 via E-mail 

124. Praise -You guys do everything right! 1) I made my order and was quite skeptical about how quick it would be delivered. I received the order in two days. 2) I, as a standard when I buy things online, asked for someone to put a smiley face on the box. This usually tells me if people actually read the notes in the box. This also tells me that you guys are seriously big on customer service. Your company is surely not one of those that seem 'too busy' for their customers. The smiley face also lets me know whether or not to recommend the company to my friends and whether I'll buy from them again. In this case, I'll let everyone know. 3) The corset was made of a very wonderful and sturdy material. I guess this is to be expected, but this was my first corset purchase and I'll certainly buy from you again. Thanks again! Keep up the good work. (corset VO-4000u) - Amy, Sacramento, California 5/4/04 via Contact Feedback Form

123. I received my corset about 2 weeks ago, and the results have been amazing.  I have gotten compliments from everybody.  I had lost 30 pounds (and I still have 20 more to go), but my stomach was still a little flabby after weight loss.  Since wearing the corset I am starting to look like I did 6 years ago.  My husband is getting a little jealous of all this new attention that I am getting. (corset VO-50u) - Shenica, Decatur, GA 4/3/04 via Testimonial Forum

122. My wedding was absolutely a dream! I cannot express how sacred, profound and perfect the day and evening went. I want to thank you for helping me create such lovely outfits. The second corset was so lovely ... I was the princess bride for photos during the day and then I wore the original ensemble and was the Diva for the ceremony. It couldn't have been more fun. Much Love and truly gracious thanks for your friendship, blessings and support during this epic time in my life! The corsets are just splendid!  (corset V-120cm custom / Diva Skirt V-441cm and corset V-110c custom) - K.L., Oregon, 3/21/04 via E-mail

121. Praise: i received my corset and can not believe the quality and fit !!!!
it is absolutely fabulous !!!  i look forward to placing my next order. thank you very much (corset VO-1905u) - Victoria M., NYC 2/21/04 via Contact Feedback Form

120.  i want to thank you VERY MUCH for all your help.  i will keep you informed once the package arrives.  i've told my wife the good things like improving posture (she does get back pains once and a while), and losing the "roll" on the tummy, which she would love to do.  a corset should be the answer.  and she does have the cheap ones with plastic hook and eyes, but half the hooks are already ripped out.  at this point i talked her into trying a good one. thanks again for all your help. talk to you soon. (corset VO-1905u) - Kendall, Ohio 2/18/04 via E-mail

119. This corset is my very first one but not last and I'm greatly pleased since it's not only sexy but also elegant. I'm also a size 18 plus, and when I put on my corset it seems to reduce me to a size 14-12. Thank-you so much. (corset VO-1905u) - A.W., Maryland 2/16/04 via Testimonial Forum

118. Hello, Thank you so much for all your assistance with my corset purchase. It arrived safely the day before my vacation and I ran out of time to email you before I left. I have only just returned. My corset is just sensational!!! The colour, the fit, everything - I love it and it will look stunning as my wedding outfit. I will email some pics to you after my wedding on 17th April. Thank you once again for everything and I will definitely be ordering another corset from you again sometime in the not too distant future. (corset V-199f custom) Warm regards, - Brenda, Queensland Australia 1/25/04 via E-mail

117. I am so happy that I finally purchased a corset and found your company. The quality of my corset is exceptional.  I am a large woman...and my goodness I was so excited to see my body looking like an hour glass again!  The construction is fabulous and the fit surpassed my expectation. I was happy that they offer special sizing...and yet was even more excited that I was able to order a 38 with out having to have one specially made. I was excited to finally receive it which was in less time that I expected. I love this one so much...I am already looking for the next one to buy...I think they are too beautiful to have just on the inside...even though when I wear it...I can't help but feel like all woman... Thank You ABSOLUTE CORSETS...I know we will have a long relationship! (corset VO-411u) - Elizabeth Mathews, Akron, OH 1/21/04 via Testimonial Forum

116. Hello again, I just wanted to tell you I recieved my Corset yesterday afternoon!  I absolutely love it!  You can expect to do business with me again in the future!  Your personal attention to my order was exceptional, even though it was just a simple thing- not something expensive or custom-made.  I feel I was treated not only like a valued customer, actually-better.  Thank You! (corset VO-1890) - Kathryn, Bangor, WI 12/10/03 via E-mail

115. My corset came yesterday, and is the most beautiful garment i own!! i look forward to buying more in the future... the work is so perfect, and it fits like a dream! Thanx so much. (corset V-110lc) - A.G., Washington 11/19/03 via Testimonial Forum

114. I just wanted to take a moment and applaud you on the craftsmanship. My corset is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to order the next one. Thank you so much! (corset P-05 leather) - Lisa, Joplin, Missouri 11/17/03 via E-mail

113. My wife just received the black pvc/red ribbon trim J-11 underbust corset I ordered for our 10th wedding anniversary. It arrived right on time. This is our first corset - it won't be the last. It looks Absolute(corsets)ly Fabulous on. Quality item at a quality price. Thanks for providing some more great times ahead - I only wish we'd found you sooner! (corset #J-11) - JK, Oregon 10/13/03 via Testimonial Forum

112. Thank you AGAIN!! this is my third corset purchase from absolutecorsets.com and never have I seen quality of product and customer service that match this.  Two of the three corsets were customs, and they are so much more gorgeous than a fourth corset that I bought "off the rack" in a store in Toronto.  As a pinup model, corsets are a big part of my wardrobe.  When I get comments on my photography, the question that gets asked the most is "Where do you get your corsets?", and I always point them here. Price vs quality vs customer service. It can't be beat. (corsets #V-141cm, #J-03 and #V-110fv) - Viva Nova, Southern Ontario, Canada 10/02/03 via Testimonial Forum

111. Hello, I just wanted you to know that I got my corset!  I love it.  I am borrowing a wedding dress and there was about an inch in the back where we couldn't get it zipped.  I was in a panic, so I found your website and thought I would give it a try. IT WORKED!  The dress now fits beautifully, and I have a stunning little waist, just like a princess!  I love my corset, and thank you so much! (corset #A-c230) - Jaime Shipley, West Plains 8/15/03 via Testimonial Forum

110. Hello, I just wanted you to know that I received my corset. I went over to my Mom's and she helped me try it on. First I put on a dress without the corset to see the difference. Then I put on the corset. Oh my goodness! I just couldn't believe the difference. There I stood with a fabulous waistline. Not only that it made me stand up straight. I walked out into the family room where my fiance' was sitting. He took one look at me and his eyes got real big. His first words were "Baby you look fabulous!" He even said that it made me stand straighter. I just love it. It made me feel gorgeous. I want to thank you for all of your help with getting me the right corset. You were truly wonderful. Your emails were prompt and informative. You were always polite. It was such a pleasure working with you. I've dealt with other companies online before, but I have to say you are the very best that I've ever had to deal with and with such details as measurements. This corset is going to make me look great with my gown and I owe it all to you and your expertise and help. When my dress gets in next month, I'll have my daughter take a picture and email it to you so you can see the results yourself. Thank you so much for making my special day even more special. (corset #A-c420) Kind regards - S.S., Creve Coeur, MO  7/27/03 via E-mail

109. Praise ... I just recieved my corset and it's beautiful. That was also the shortest period of time that any custom made work from the internet has come for me. I appreciate how well you run your business, and how much pride you take in your products.  I just can't wait to order another one. (corset lace-front #V110c) - C.C., Boise, Idaho 6/21/03 via Contact Form

108. I received my corset about a week ago.  I am so very happy with the beautiful garment I now own!  You guys sell by far the best and most beautiful corsets I have ever seen!  I don't want to take mine off at all. If I could shower with it, you bet I would!  My husband loves it and has fun lacing me into it. I'm definitely going to shop here again and get another one. I feel beautiful!!! I'm glad I found your website. I tell all my friends about it and encourage them to buy your corsets. (contour corset #J-03) - N.A.I, California 5/2/03 via Testimonial Forum

107. Dear Absolute Corsets, Went for my measurements today and caused great excitement with the staff. They practically jumped on me when I arrived because they couldn't wait to see this corset that I had talked about. After lacing me in they were Very impressed with the corset, saying how well made it was and that it wasn't like anything else that they had seen as this was the 'real thing'! My mother saw it on me for the first time and couldn't believe how shapely it made my figure as all my lumps and bumps had disappeared. I expected to have 'fat knees' with all the squeezing into the corset, but of course there was none of that. Im so pleased that I found your web site and can't wait to receive my velvet corset (vo-1844u-velvet) in a few days. If you would like me to I will email you a photo of me on my wedding day which is 2nd August this year. My kindest Regards to you and your company. (corset F-102) - Trudi, United Kingdom 4/2/03 via E-mail

106. I received my corset yesterday.  WOW!!  I never knew a piece of clothing could make me feel, and from others reactions I believe look, like a goddess.  I have severe back problems and needed something for stablization. Until I found your web site I thought I was doomed to something the medical industry offered.  Thank you so much for providing both the strength I needed in a corset and the beauty. (corset v-110fv) - Sheena, Montana 3/20/03 via Testimonial forum

105. I received my white satin corset yesterday (monday). We had real fun
trying to lace me into it. Its starting to take my shape and things look very promising! My partner was very impressed by what he saw, so we are looking forward to receiving the black corset thats on order. Beautiful workmanship to the white corset, and after 4 children I now have a waist again. Thank you again for all your help regarding my order, and now I can go for my first wedding dress fitting. Sincere Thanks to You XX, (corset F-102) - T.C., Worcestershire Great Britain 3/18/03 via E-mail

104. Hello, I just received the corset I ordered from you and it's just perfect, better then I ever dared imagine! Thank you for the great service and a beautiful piece of clothing! (corset J-02) - May-Li, Norway 3/17/02 via Testimonial Forum

103. Hi! Just thought I'd let you know my corset arrived on Tues. last (despite being opened by Customs.... bet they got an eyeful!) I just wanted to let you know, I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with it! Fits like a glove. (My other half loved it too!!!) I am so happy with your service, quality and everything else that I felt that you should know! I'll definitely be ordering from you again! .... but I'll wait until I lose some more weight! Some of my work colleagues also are interested! Thanks again. (corset V-110f) - Joan, Wexford Ireland 3/14/03 via E-mail

102. I must say, your customer service is excellent!  Thank you! (corset V-124f custom) - K.L., Illinois 3/12/03 via E-mail

101. Subject: Thank you!!!!!! I just received my corset. I honestly can not thank you enough for all that you did to get it to me so quickly. I know that you really had to pull strings to get it to me in time. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I wish that everyone I dealt with offered this type of service! In gratitude! (corset VO-1844u) - Tammy, Indiana 3/7/03 via E-mail

100. I love the fine-quality corsets you offer-- I've bought both an under bust and an over bust. They are, by far, the most beautiful, and strong, corsets I've seen. (corset VO-1905u and corset VO-4000u) - P.S, Virginia 2/13/03 via Testimonial Forum

99. We would like to thank you for your assistance with our purchase and say that we are very happy with the corset! It fits like a glove. Michelle was very surprised as I did not tell her I had ordered it. She is very impressed with it and doesn't want to take it off. Thanks again. All the best for the new year, and we look forward to our next purchase with you. (corset V-190cc custom) Kind Regards - S.B., Victoria, Australia 1/16/03 via E-mail 

98. Subject: The Real Thing. Well Christmas '02 is behind us but the real holiday is just ahead. My wife was delighted with her gift, corset no.2. That makes two just this year and we are both delighted. Renee appreciates the power and mystique such a garment affords. I suspect she feels like the woman all women desire to be. As for myself, I couldn't be happier. I've always appreciated the female form draped in fine undergarments. Now that perfect fantasy has come to life with your beautiful corsets. It wasn't a day too soon I asked this dream to be my bride. (corset A-c230, corset A-c125, camisole A-k10) - Ron, Litchfield, OH 12/26/02 via E-mail

97. I received the corset i ordered today. It's beautiful and well worth the wait. Thank you. (corset VO-1844u) - Judi, Fair Haven, Michigan 12/20/02 via E-mail

96. HELLO, Just wanted to let you know that i received my corset and it looks and feels absolutely fabulous. Thank you very much. Now i know where to shop for corsets in the future. (corset A-c111) - Yulia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 12/17/02 via E-mail

95. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!  I just received my new corset and it is just wonderful.  It is above and beyond my highest expectations.  Whoever designed and created this piece of artwork should be congratulated on a job well done. Thanks ever so much. (corset J-02)  Sincerely, Marie, Oceanside, California 12/13/02 via E-mail

94. Hello, I received my corset yesterday. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your company. This is my first corset and it won't be my last. I was immediately in awe of the construction and design and detail.  Truly a quality piece. The instruction and care guide were very helpful and, as mentioned previously, your customer service is impeccable. I must say that I have never felt so beautiful or feminine than after having worn this item. I will positively be purchasing in the future. Thanks so much. (corset A-c420) - Amy, Atlanta, GA 12/6/02 via E-mail

93. I've never seen such a beautiful garment!  I can't wait to use it.  Thank you so much for all your help! (corset VO-1890) - L.M.L, 11/22/02 via Testimonial Forum

92. Thank you for your understanding, your help, and prompt response to my email. I received my A-c225 cincher corset and very happy that I purchased the 26". Its a comfortable/fabulous fit. It is awesome and by far the best made compared to others I have bought for my wife or myself. Great strength and great material. Would recommend ABSOLUTE to anyone interested in purchasing a corset. You gals are just too cool. - Robert Jones, Belleville, MI 10/26/02 via Testimonial Forum

91. Greetings to you, I received my very beautiful design yesterday, I am extremely pleased with everything about it. The quality, craftsmanship, style and especially the way I look when I wear it. I hope to be a frequent customer, Thank you for your excellent service. Glad you're around. (corset A-c230 and camisole) sincerely, - Renee K., Ohio 10/18/02 via Testimonial forum

90. the service i received from absolutecorsets.com was incredible! the quality of the corset is unbelievable, the fit is gorgeous, and i've recommended this site to anyone i know who's looking for the best selection and quality of corsets! i'll be ordering again soon! (corset V-110fv) - Viva Nova, Ontario, Canada 10/16/02 via Testimonial Forum

89. Hi, I'm Lauren a CD and I recently purchased an under bust Ribbon Corset from you. I just want to say how very satisfied with it I am....words cannot express the way I feel with it on. Its the absolute best item I have ever purchased for my feminine alter ego. Thanks so very much for your wonderful product and service. Lauren....a extremely happy customer.  (corset VO-50u) - L.M., Greenville, Mississippi 10/9/02 via Contact Form

88. It's rare that I ever receive something and am this delighted with it!!! I LOVE my new corset!!! Thank you so much! (corset A-c110) - Sybil, Milpitas, CA 10/8/02 via E-mail

87. Wonderful!!!! I do not have enough words to express my satisfaction for the corset I have just received. It is absolutely wonderful. It's way more than what I imagined. It fits absolutely perfectly, and finally my 1880 dress fits me PERFECT. I will send you a picture, once I get them developed from my photo session. Please send me some business cards since I become more and more involved in activities that are about the 1880's and once I will show off my corset I am sure a lot of people will die to own one like mine. I would be happy to promote your business. You are doing such a good job that I really want to help you get more business. I would do it with pleasure. Thank you very much once again. (corset VO-1905u) - Nicoleta, Denver, CO 10/1/02 via E-mail

86. It's here, it's stunningly beautiful and my fiancé is going to love it!! Thank you, all of you, for your help and encouragement through the process but mostly, thank you for delivering to me the most beautiful corset I have ever seen. My best wishes (corset V-110f - custom) - Gretchen, Brooktondale, New York 9/04/02 via E-mail

85. Thank you! You have answered many of my questions and have allowed me to buy with much more confidence! I look forward to receiving my new corset in the mail and have an eye on another style to try. Thank you again for all your help! You have outstanding customer service! (corsets A-c130 and A-c420) - H.S., Alabama 8/27/02 via E-mail 

84. Order received!! It is a beautiful corset! I LOVE these corsets!!!! They are like skin to wear...so comfortable and natural!! Like many women, I had bought other corsets at lingerie shops and catalogs and was always disappointed in the quality and fit. Never was I happy with the styles and results of what they called "corsets". NOW...I know what a real corset feels like and should be. I will never buy from another place again! My husband thanks you for giving back to him the "perfect 10" he married...only better! I can wear sexy things I could not before, because of that natural mid-life physique we all seem to get after children and careers....I just needed that little bit of help that a corset gives me. I feel like I am 21 again...and look better than I did then! I currently own 3 corsets from Absolute Corsets and already have several more picked out for future purchases! Please be sure to add my name to any advertising mailing you have for Absolute Corsets....I would like to know when you have new styles, accessories and, of course, SALES! Thank you, Thank you again!! (corset VO-1891u) - Juliet and Gerald, Poulsbo, Washington 8/26/02 via E-mail

83. I just wanted to take a moment and Thank you for helping me get the correct fit and style. I did receive the merchandise on Saturday, and I love it. Again Thank you so much!!!!!! (corset A-c110) - J.T., Lowell, AR 72745 8/24/02 via E-mail

82. My new corset is so gorgeous!! I really LOVE it, it makes me look so wonderful... I've found my fetish!! I love Absolute Corsets, they have been really nice to me! Thanks very much =) (corset VO-1925u, panty s-177) - L.G.R., León, Spain 8/23/02 via Testimonial Forum

81. I got my new corset this week, it is fantastic. The fit, look, everything, I am so very happy with it. Thank you so much. (corset V-141cm) - K.M., Santa Rosa, CA, 8/17/02 via Contact Form

80. subject: Praise - I LOVE both my corsets, and so does my special One :) thank you so much. (corset VO-1905u-denim & A-c115 ) - E.M, Pedericktown, NJ 8/02/02 via Contact Form

79. This is the first thing I have brought over the net from outside the UK and I can honestly say your service is excellent. So thank you and I will definitely be purchasing a few more items from you, I've seen the next thing I want already! (corset J-02) - Jane, West Midlands, England 7/25/02 via Testimonial Forum

78. I LOVE MY CORSET!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND WORTH EVERY PENNY... thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! (corset A-c225)- L.R., Springfield, MA 7/23/02 via E-mail

77. Hi I purchased #A-c220 under-bust corset in white, and I tell you, it is brilliant. Exactly as advertised, and ordered, and I will certainly buy from you again. Yours, - Mrs. D P Kelly, London, England 7/21/02 via Testimonial Forum

76. I am very pleased with my new corset. It fits perfectly and it also feels so nice to wear. I find the quality excellent and I admire the look of it and the color. I thank you for doing business with me and I will order another soon of another style for it is wonderful to have. Thank you. (corset VO-1891u) - Donna, Pittsburgh, PA 6/19/02 via E-mail

75. Hi, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the lovely corsets you recently sent me. They are <G> absolutely beautiful. The vo1905 and the underbust coutille. I love them, thanks again. - Cheryl, Arlington, VA 6/11/02 via Contact form

74. Hi, Thank you for so much for your attentiveness. I received my corset on Saturday and I love it!!! It fits very well, in fact it feels just like a hug. Thanks again for everything! (corset a-c111) Sincerely, - K.A.M, Oakland, CA 6/03/02 via E-mail

73. Hi! Thanks so much for suggesting the under bust corset. What a difference! I really appreciate all of your help through the process. You made my first corset buying experience a good one. Thanks Again! (corset a-c220) - Andrea, Phoenix, AZ 5/28/02 via E-mail

72. Love it! I bought a waist cincher and am thinking of getting another of the same in white to wear over my big white peasant blouse. Real nice! (corset VO-50u) - E.M. 4/27/02 via Testimonial Forum

71. Hi! I'm just confirming that the order was recieved yesterday and after trying it on last night, I wanted to tell you how wonderfully it fits, feels and looks. I'm going to buy stockings and matching panties today. My husband is looking forward to the holiday. And so am I! Thank you for the wonderful service and lovely garment! Best regards, (corset VO-1905u) - L.H. Granger, IN 4/27/02 via E-mail 

70. Hi, I just got my corset and wanted to tell you it is gorgeous! The craftsmanship is really amazing, and it is truly a work of art. It fits like a glove and is just beautiful! I'm very excited to be wearing it and look forward to wearing it often. I cannot wait to order another corset from you in the future! Thanks very much! (corset V-124f "made-to-measure") Sincerely, - Katherine, Chicago, Illinois 4/24/02 via E-mail 

69. My corset came in yesterday afternoon....it is so beautiful, just perfect...!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all your help over the last few months, answering my endless questions and helping me to customize my order.... It has been a pleasure to work with you on this....and i'm so pleased with the outcome... Thank You!!!!!!!!! (V-110fc "made-to-measure") Lee-Ann :) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 4/17/02 via E-mail

68. Just received my order! I know I made this transaction a little difficult with my exchange, etc. I apologize for that. You were terrific! Thanks for all of your help!! - Sandy, Onalaska, Wisconsin 4/16/02 via E-mail

67. I love it! Thanks it will look great on my wedding gown! (corset A-c230) - Lillian, Villamar, Carolina, Puerto Rico 4/02/02 via E-mail

66. i just got my corset and i love it, it fits perfectly. i am very thankful that you all have corsets for every body. i have tried many different types of back and mid section support belts but none of them feel and work as good as absolute corsets do. and not only is it great for support, but it also gets rid of love handles, commonly known as spare tire. i will be back for corsets in the future. i wanted to thank you for the fast service i received, all the fine customer care you have given me, and the fast response on all my email questions. thanks again. (corset A-c515) - John, Costa Mesa, CA 3/12/02 via Testimonial Forum

65. Very pleased with both my corsets, superior craftsmanship, would recommend! (corset V-141dd and corset VO-50u) - Amy, Massena, NY 3/5/02 via Testimonial Forum 

64. Hello, My corset arrived today! Thank you. Lovely and well made. My best to you. (corset V-194cm) - L.L, 2/27/02 via E-mail 

63. Today is Feb.23.02 I just received my corset and I love it!! I have it on and I can tell you....you got a satisfied customer. Thank you. (corset J-02) - L.R., Clarkdale, Georgia 2/23/02 via E-mail

62. I just had a baby on 2/02/02 and had this idea of wearing a under bust corset (breastfeeding) until I got back to pre-pregnancy size. Amazing!!! ... truly unbelievable looks voluptuously un-pregnant. (corset A-c220 and corset A-c110) - N.I.K, Roswell, GA 2/22/02 via Testimonial Forum

61. The corset I ordered arrived today and it is Perfect! I wore it loose over jeans today. It looks and feels great! I just love the ribbon, it really accents the design. I look forward to wearing it often ... Thank you for your excellent service! (corset VO-50u) - S.M., Lakewood, Washington  2/21/02 via E-mail

60. Thank you! I got a express mail yesterday. I'm very pleased with you and I'll recommend you to anyone whose interested in the fine corset. Thank you again!! - S., Columbus, Indiana  2/21/02 via E-mail

59. They are absolutely sincere and pleased to serve you. They treated me very well, more then I deserved. I recommend them to anyone who wants a fine quality corset. - S.C, 2/20/02 via Testimonial Forum

58. customer support: thanks again for your follow-up with me. i'm glad for your good advice. is there a boss or manager to whom i could write to laud your excellent customer service? i manage a retail store, and this is a matter close to my heart. just know how much i appreciate all your time and patience!!! thanks again. (corset V-110c) - sami, Raleigh, NC  2/15/02 via E-mail

57. I just wanted to thank you. You made the process extremely easy and told me of every step as it happened so I never had to guess where my order was or when it would arrive. I ordered the same time from larger named companies and still do not know where that order is or what is happening with it. Thank you for the ease and comfort of giving you my business. You will be my choice again and again. - B. Elliot, East Ridge, TN  2/12/02 via Contact form

56. Thank you. It is refreshing to see a company that will respond quickly and work so hard to make sure that the product they send out will be best suited for their customer. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. (corset VO-1905u) - J.W., Waukesha, WI 1/03/02 via E-mail

55. THANKS. A lot of retailers could take lessons, your prompt attention, especially at this time of the year, is refreshing. My wife and I won't hesitate to look to your site in the future. - Clark, Brunswick, Ohio, 12/13/01 via E-mail

54. I could not have been more pleased with the quality, design choices, and customer service that Absolute Corsets has. I am thrilled about my new corset and want to begin waist training. - J.W., Little Rock, Arkansas, 11/27/01 via Contact form

53. Wow! I just tried on my corset for the first time. It looks so awesome! Thanx a bunch. (corset V-124fc) - D.R., Rochester, NY, 11/18/01 via E-mail

52. Thank you so much for your kind consideration. It is a real pleasure to deal with someone who does business as you do. Thank you again!!!!!! - C.M., Fredericksburg, Virginia, 11/07/01 via E-mail

51. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received the corset about a week ago and it's absolutely great! The quality is amazing. Thank you so much for helping me with the sizing/purchasing process. I really appreciate the customer service and I've sent a bunch of my admiring friends to your site. Thanks again! (corset V-145fc) - Kathryn,  San Francisco, CA, 10/31/01 via E-mail

50. You can trust me when I tell you that you will definitely be getting some repeat business from us, as well as some very positive advertisement about the quality of your goods, the prices and the outstanding customer service (which is usually the most important thing to me). Thanks again.. - Joe, 10/30/01 via E-mail

49. Hello, Just 10 minutes ago I received the blue a-c130 corset and this one is just perfect, super, great. I just can't believe a corset can be this comfortable when the size is right. With this one I still have a few inches left when normal laced on, and due to my plans of loosing weight and my "tightlacing-program" this is just the right size and style corset. Thanks a lot, I'm really satisfied!!! Kind regards, - A.D., Hudson, Michigan, 10/26/01 via E-mail

48. Thank you so much for my beautiful, new corset. Not only does the corset look REALLY lovely... it's so easy to get into, even though it doesn't have a front busk closure.  And I just love the way that it's shaped; made for curves. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (corset J-03) - S.B., Dallas, Texas, 10/16/01 via Contact form

47. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I have received my corset today, and I am very pleased with it. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your patience and kind service. I expect I'll be ordering another corset from you within the next few months, as I have lost some weight, and with what little waist training my corset will provide should further reduce my middle. Thanks again, and my best wishes to you all. - B.F., Canada, 10/12/01 via E-mail

46. Good service! Great packaging! Not as long to ship as I thought. Also great help in the sizing; it's quite a bit different than what I thought. This is my first 'real' corset; costs more but worth it (I feel the same about shoes). I'll be back for my next corset & I'll recommend you to my friends. - M.T., Indianapolis, IN, 10/11/01 via Testimonial Forum

45. I have never had better service while shopping online...my questions were answered same day and really fast and the person really went out of their way to inform me of my options. Usually you have to wait 24-48 hours for the first response, not the case with Absolute Corsets! - Jenna, San Francisco, CA, 10/05/01 via Testimonial Forum

44. Thank you! I received my beautiful corset yesterday and I wore it today for the first time. It was just as amazing as I thought it would be. Now I'm winding down from school and work and I don't even want to take it off!! It fits perfectly. I will definitely purchase more items from Absolute Corsets. - E.F., Georgia, 10/05/01 via E-mail

43. I really appreciate all your help, I have never had better service when ordering online! (VO-1905u-denim) - J.P , California, 10/04/01 via E-mail

42. Thank you, again. I've really been pleased thus far with the level of costumer service in terms of getting my order just right and responding to me so quickly! - Shannon, 9/24/01 via E-mail

41. So glad I found your site!! I had ordered a corset from a competitor two months ago. It has never materialized and I cannot get responses to the messages I send. I ordered the same style from your site last night. Less than 24 hours later, the mail carrier tried to deliver it!!! With this kind of service, I will definitely be sending my orders to you in the future! - Carla, Atlanta, GA, 9/19/01 via Testimonial Forum

40. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You guys have been EXTREMELY helpful. I will definitely buy my next corset from you... and have recommended you to all my friends and sister-in-law. - Laura, 9/18/01 via E-mail

39. I love the corset and it is very well made. It certainly gives me the hour glass look I was hoping for. Thanks again for the rush delivery - you guys are great and I am recommending you to all my friends. Sincerely - Cherie, Rockville, Maryland, 9/12/01 via E-mail

38. I just received my first corset in the mail today.  I put it on and I look gorgeous!  I'm going to wear it for my husband for his birthday tomorrow.  I can't wait to see his reaction!  I am a very picky, detail-oriented shopper. Everything I buy has to be perfect and your beautiful corset has exceeded my expectations. I'll definately be buying more corsets from you in the future.  Also, thanks so much for responding to my emails so quickly and sending my corset overnight. Your service and merchandise are absolutely fantastic!  Thanks again! - E. Webber, 9/07/01 via Contact form

37. Aloha, I have received the order and am delighted. It is a wonderful garment. I look forward to purchases from you in the future. Sincerely, - Heide K., 8/30/01 via E-mail

36. I would like to thank you for having such a site and helping me purchase a corset. I have had mine for under a week and I am very comfortable wearing it--It is beautiful!! Once again thanks for all your help and producing such wondering garments! I recommended this site to some of my friends! - Kathryn, 8/29/01 via Contact form

35. Just wanted to touch base to let you know that not only were we pleased with the merchandize we had ordered when we received it the other day, we were also impressed with how it was packaged. Sometimes those extra touches really can mean a lot when it comes to facilitating repeat business. Thanks again. - L. J. F., 8/12/01 via E-mail

34. I think your service (response time, etc.) is great! Thanks. - Kei, 8/09/01 via E-mail

33. The corset is lovely and it fits me perfectly. I love the color of it also. - S.B., 8/07/01, via Contact form

32. You're awesome.. I love you guys!!! (corset A-c230) - K.C., 8/06/01 via E-mail

31. This is my first corset purchase, I do appreciate your service! I will be looking forward to my order. Many Thanks. - R.K., 8/06/01 via E-mail

30. Just a quick note to let you know that I received my corset in good order and that it was an excellent fit.  This was the first corset I have purchased and found it quite pleasant to wear.  I will definitely be purchasing more and will remember your vast selections and good service.  Thanks again, from a new corset devotee. - Jeanne, 7/20/01 via Testimonial Forum

29. i rcvd it today and i loved it !!!!!  thank you. i'll be back for more later... (VO-1905u-denim) - Darlyn, Honolulu, Hawaii, 7/19/01 via E-mail

28. Thanks for carrying such wonderful products ... I'll be a frequent customer! - Mary Ann, New York, 7/13/01 via E-mail

27. Hi, I received my order today. I just wanted to let you know what impressive packaging you have! I felt as if I were shopping in New Jersey myself. The products are fabulous too! I will definitely be a returning customer. - B. Stevens, Ohio 7/11/01 via E-mail

26. Just a quick thank you!! the 2 corsets came and they are beautiful! - S.N., 7/11/01 via E-mail

25. I would to commend you on your superior product and fantastic customer support. I recently received my order, I loved it very much! I am very pleased with the product and look forward to another purchase. - D.S., 7/03/01 via Contact form

24. I just received my corset. It's fabulous and more beautiful than I expected, Thank you. - T.B., South Carolina, 7/02/01 via E-mail

23. My new brocade corset just arrived, and it is beautiful. Thank you! - M.B., 6/27/01 via Contact form

22. I wanted to complement you all on your quick replies and handling in such a professional manner. Looks like we found a top notch company and have already planned to look here in the future. Thanks again, - Scott, 6/22/01 via E-mail

21. Thank you so much for all of your help with everything. I must tell you it is a pleasure to purchase from you and I will be doing it again in the future! - Gail, 6/22/01 via E-mail

20. Dear Absolute Corsets, I received the corset that I ordered, yesterday, my wife loved it. I'm sure we will do buisness again, until then thank you. (corset J-01p) - Glen, 6/17/01 via E-mail

19. Greetings! I would like to thank you for replying to my requests so quickly. Thank you for being so helpful. As a Customer Service (and Technical) Trainer, I have to say that Absolute Corsets has impressed me quite a bit. Cheers! (corset V-190cc) - A., 6/07/01 via E-mail

18. Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for shipping my order in time for me to go out of town. Your customer service is excellent and your products are of top quality. (corset A-c110) - V.E.H., Tampa, Florida, 6/06/01 via E-mail

17. I just had my fitting and the corset works beautifully! It does exactly what it is supposed to. Thank you so much for your help and for making my first corset purchase an enjoyable experience. Thanks, - H.S., North Carolina, 6/02/01 via E-mail

16. Thank you so much for being so helpful. I really have respect for a company that goes the extra mile for its' customers. (corset VO-1925u) - L.V., Florida 6/01/01 via E-mail

15. Hello sales people at absolute corsets!  I received it in the mail yesterday. Thank you again so much. Have a great holiday! - L.M.B., 5/25/01 via E-mail

14. Re: Shipment Confirmation - Thank you for keeping me posted on this order! Your customer service has been outstanding! Thanks - V.H., South Carolina, 5/21/01 via E-mail

13. Hello, I have recieved the corset. I appreciate your speedy service. Thank you so much. It is beautiful. Thank you - L.B., 5/13/01 via E-mail

12. I received the corset and it is beautiful. My breasts sit beautifully in this corset. Again, thank you for the courteous service. This is the first time I bought something over the internet and felt pleased with the service provided. Regards, D.B. (corset A-c110) - D.B., Ridgefield, Connecticut, 5/09/01 via E-mail

11. Just wanted to send a note of thanks for a job well done. I haven't purchased via internet before and was anxious it would be ok. Thanks again! - Steve, 5/08/01 via E-mail

10. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! Quick friendly service and a quality corset. My wife says it's very comfortable and she looks great! Thanks! (VO-1905u-denim) - Charles, Selma, North Carolina, 5/05/2001 via E-mail

9. In the future you can be sure I will be doing business with you again - your products are wonderful and the customer service is great as well. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, C.S. (corset A-c130) - C.S., 5/03/01 via E-mail

8. Dear sales team, I received my corset on Monday and I have to say that it is absolutely exquisite! There is just no comparison to the corsets in the stores. I am very happy that I went with your company. I have also referred a friend. (corset VO-176u) - Camille, Washington D.C., 5/02/01 via E-mail

7. Hello! The corset arrived in beautiful shape. I was very pleased with the feel of it. Thanks for the excellent service to date... !! - A.W., Indianapolis, Indiana 4/28/01 via E-mail

6. Thanks for the wonderful and speedy service. I just received the corset and it's absolutely fabulous. - M.D., Los Angeles, California, 4/27/01 via E-mail

5. Thank you again for you attention to my order. I appreciate the efforts you have gone to, to see that I receive it by my requested date. Many thanks. - C.D., North Plainfield, New Jersey, 4/26/01 via E-mail

4. The reason I am writing is to thank you for your all your assistance.  You were truly helpful, answered my questions, offered suggestion, not to mention very prompt in answering my email. It made my selection and purchase of my first corset really pleasurable. - D.B, 4/11/2001 via E-mail

3. Your corsets are pure fantasy, and at great prices, I work for a nightclub in downtown Los Angeles, and I must say, finding you all is going to increase my wardrobe style dramatically!!! I love your website! (corset V-110lc) - Kimberly, California, 4/07/01 via E-mail

2. To whom it may concern, I want to thank you so very much for getting back to me so quickly. You really do have great service and I will highly recommend you to all of my friends. Again, Thank you for your quick response. Sincerely, - Melissa, 3/16/01 via E-mail

1. You provide excellent customer service. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. We look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you so much. - Kyle and Kim, 3/10/01 via E-mail




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